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Think Like a Real Hunter!

Made to maximize the visual intensity of Retina Display, focus on the strategy of the hunt as you escape into realistic natural environments and seek more than 20 types of wild game. Capture the noble feeling of ultimate sport with brand-name firearms and precision gear. Whether your're a dedicated or recreational sportsman, High-Caliber Hunting is the most authentic hunting simulation game on the App Store.

Enter a Wild World

All the hunting environments spring to life in stunning detail, especially with Retina Display. Hunt in dawn, daytime and dusk scenarios. Spot that prize buck rustling in the woods, take careful aim and fire. No detail was overlooked to deliver the most honest hunting experience possible.

Encounter a Full Range of Game

Hunt various deer (including Whitetail, Mule, Sitka and Fallow) plus Bear, Moose, Boar and smaller critters like Squirrel, Fox, Rabbit and Raccoon. Each animal exhibits realistic behaviors. To get them, you'll need to show your hunting prowess.

Hunt and Shoot in Multiple Locations and Modes

Use your best hunting strategies to make trophy kills in up to 6 locations, including Texas, Alaska, Canada and Iowa - plus additional downloadable treks in Africa and Australia available for purchase at a low price. Take a shot in Quick play, share the hunt with a buddy with Pass 'n Play and score dozens of achievements as a big game hunter in Career Mode.

Get a Bullet's-Eye View

Strategically navigate the map and then scope out an animal using "Vital Vision" to get an X-ray or thermal view of its heart, lungs and brain. Trigger the "Bullet-Cam" with a heart shot and trace your ammo's point-of-view from your firearm right to the heart of the animal for a clean kill. Experience hunting from a whole new perspective.

Access Over 40 Real, Brand-Name Firearms and Equipment Items

Remington® rifles and shotguns. Bushnell scopes. PSE bows, plus Calls and more. Equip yourself with the finest hunting products from real-world manufacturers and enjoy an added touch of authenticity.

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